Product Led Growth with Gainsight Founder Mickey Alon and VP Product Ciara Peter

I found a super helpful podcast from SaaStr (YouTube video here) featuring Gainsight’s CTO and VP product. They shared a bit about their framework and tactics for product led growth trials which I found extremely informative and easily applicable.

Some takeaways:

  • Growth team = growth marketing + growth product management with PQL being the interlock point. growth marketing focuses on getting users to sign up, growth product management focuses on what happens after a user signs up. To be successful a single person should be accountable for both of these things.
  • Trials can be time based, value based, or feature based. Time based is the most popular.
  • Overall goal of a trial = connect a trial with your existing GTM strategy.
  • For a trial you have to align the user persona, the user expectation, and your product complexity. The trial experience itself needs to deliver value quickly, be easy to self-serve, share knowledge, and be intentionally viral in nature.
  • Focus on the customer – they need to experience value constantly.