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Signal Sciences / Fastly integration update on Risky.Biz Pod

Had a great chat with Patrick Gray on the Riskybiz Podcast about the acquisition of Signal Sciences by Fastly! Really enjoyed having the opportunity to talk about how our post-acquisition integration strategy, how we’re growing and scaling the business, and the challenges of security at scale. Been a long time fan of this show and really nice to actually make an appearance!

Avoiding the Silo: Bridging the Divide Between Security + Dev Teams

Had a lot of fun joining Adrian Sanabria Jeff Man and Larry Pesce on Paul Asadoorian’s Security Weekly podcast and sharing some thoughts on how to bridge the gap between Security and Development teams in both traditional and cloud native environments. Can’t wait for the next time! 

The New Rules for Web App and API Security

Was excited to be able to share some thoughts in this ebook about how the speed of your security tools controls your team’s response time during an attack attempt. Get the ebook to see more! 

The Killer App for Edge Computing in 2020 will be Kubernetes

Edge computing is aptly named. Aside from the literal reference to its network boundary location, edge computing represents the next frontier of innovation—the nascent space where anything can happen and the possibilities seem endless. Even with standards and use cases just beginning to emerge, the industry buzz is deafening. But what will the tipping point look like? Where is the killer app that will…

Keeping Serverless Data Safe

The push to the cloud has introduced a previously unknown level of agility to many organizations, but sometimes at the expense of data security. Human error often is the cause of cloud security blunders, putting sensitive data at risk and causing real damage to companies in terms of financial liability and loss of reputation. This webinar discusses some of the more overlooked aspects of…

Ship Smart Apps with Dumb Pipes

This is a video of my tech talk at Pivotal Spring One Platform, a developer conference that took place October 7-10, in Austin, TX. Abstract: As more companies adopt microservices and cloud native application architectures, the network becomes abstracted away by container management platforms like Kubernetes and service meshes platforms like Istio, giving developers more flexibility and agility and less networking concerns.   But…


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